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Lol. I guess I pissed people off by insulting Nexon? What?

Ganbatte. XD

I’m impressed that you guys are still putting up with Nexon. 

Is something getting released? Or has the game just been down 5ever?

new-generation-hakurei Asked: I know the feel. ~Goddess-Morrighan mun.

Sigh .____.

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Inner Conflict, Tis my Life

1. I saw a vid of Vella in S2P2. I silently screamed.

2. My old guild members and guild leader seem to be reforming

Why are you doing this to me?????

My Vella is on WEST. My old guildees are on EAST.

My RL friends are playing AION. 

The wise words of Sweet Brown—“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


What have I done. 

I regret nothing.

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*tears of joy*

That moment you discover that a guild on a game you used to play years ago still exists and uses the motto that you helped them make. 

Making MMORPGs more profitable without subscriptions?

So it seems that many game companies struggle with F2P. 

Maybe they should have a one-time fee (for the download)—say $25 or something (maybe in select installments for those who can’t pay all upfront, or for those who want to test out the game before dishing out all of their money).

There could be a package upgrade for $25 more if you want to get the update patch a day before official update release, access to the test server (you exclusively get keys to access this now and again to test out new characters, skills, or bosses), or access to new gear and other items a week or so before everyone else?

This way, there’s no PaytoWin or GeartoWin or any of that nonsense? You’re just paying a higher one-time price to access stuff before everyone else, but someone people will probably whine about that anyhow.

And if the game company is still desperate for cash, they could scroll text-ads on a tiny runner-scroller thingy (you know, those things they use on Wall Street) on the very bottom of game screen (AND out of the way of the player). Some companies would probably dish out thousands just to get players to glimpse their ads.